Foundational Breathwork and Meditation – Online Webinar Class

– with Tantric/Taoist way of Breathing

Online Webinar / Class Series Over 8 Weeks

Drop into the series at any time.

Every Tuesday, 6 PM to 7:15 PM Pacific time.

Starting from Nov., 6th, 2018 and Ending Jan . 1st, 2019

Practice Foundational Breathing

In this class, we will practice foundational breathing to improve improper breathing habits and open our Inner body (Nadis, chakras and breathing System) and awaken sleeping energy to move in higher centers. Opening body and breath this way and calming the restless energy and creating Coherence in body, heart and mind and energy field, we meditate and rest in our True Nature of Inner light and luminosity .

In this class we will practice:

  • Yogic cleansing and lengthening exhalation breathings
  • Basic breathing and Full belly breathing
  • Alternate Nostril breathing
  • 3 centers Breathing and Spinal breathing
  • Warming the stove breathing
  • Microcosmic Orbit Breathing /Meditation
  • Resting on the light in the Heart and Open space meditation


Complete Series: $50

Drop in price, per session: $10

These live, on-line classes allow us to come together in virtual space of Breathing room, using Zoom

Registration ID and password will be given upon RSVP. Use the button above to register, or contact, 415.503.7802.

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About Hamsa Integral Breathwork

Hamsa Integral Breathwork is one of the powerful processes to nourish our whole life that uses the breath to  heal , integrate and to awaken the multidimensional aspects of the human psyche. Based on ancient Eastern disciplines as well as modern Western methods, this integral holistic modality uses breathing techniques to create more Opening, Presence, Connection, Energy, and Space, Breath is a wonderful bridge to connect the entire inner and outer separation of human life into unified whole. This simple Way of nurturing whole life is a powerful modality with the ability to explore, release, expand and unify.