Breathwork Potential and Possibilities

Potential and Possibilities

If Conscious and Correct breathing is the foundation of every Breath Therapy, we can ask two questions:

  1. What is the potential of conscious breathing?
  2. What possibilities exist if our breath is open, free and corrected?


If our breathing habits are bad, this impedes our life force and capacity to live fully. In today’s fast-paced world, the majority of people breathe incorrectly. They are therefore not using the full potential of their breathing for vitality and healing.

Breathing correctly is important for sustaining our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our emotional, physical, mental, spiritual bodies are woven in the thread of Breath making a garland (Mala). There is deep relationship between body, emotion, mind, soul and breath; our physical, psychological and spiritual health depends upon the health of our Breath. Therefore, what happens to our breath affects other aspects of our being. Conscious breathing facilitates diving deeply into the inner world. One of the greatest gifts of breathwork is developing the capacity to live in the present. When we are grounded in presence, we create space to benefit from all healing modalities.


There are many philosophies of breathing, many traditions of breathwork. The more we are able to breathe freely and consciously, the more flexibility we will have in how we breathe. Then we become stronger and able to adapt to life’s many situations with a smile. The more we are aware of the breath, the more its natural depth will reestablish itself. Creating more space with the breath allows us to deepen our awareness and touch a space where we know who we really are. It is a powerful tool for becoming more present and cultivating I-AM- awareness.

Find out More About Breathwork

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