Some Simple Breathing Techniques

Some Simple Breathing techniques

For a clarity and focus

Grounding breathing

As you inhale squeeze your fist and expand your chest opening your heart with smile and as you exhale imagine a chord is dropped down towards the center of earth with opening fist and relaxing jaw, face, shoulder and perineum. Create a feeling in the body that everything is opening up. Create a sense of belonging, presence dropping down the body weight towards the earth. Know that earth is holding and supporting you.

20 connected breath when one is anxious, not in the present

Take 4 short, followed by one long continuous breath. Do not pause between inhalation and exhalation. Repeat this process 5 times.

As you breathe, merge the incoming breath with the out going breath in an unbroken circle.

For energy and alertness.

Fire breathing:

Breath from nose 20 times keep exhaling forcefully squeezing belly in. let inhalation happen. Don’t focus on inhalation , only keep exhaling. Pause after 20 cycle and repeat 3 -5 times.

Deep breathing

Inhale slowly and rhythmically letting your stomach expands. As your stomach expands let your pelvis roll forward and head up.

As you exhale, let your head drop down, belly in and pelvis drop back.

Keep breathing until you stomach is full but don’t force. Inhale and exhale fully in one continuous flow.

For peace and contentment

Rhythmic breathing

In 4 count inhale, slowly and deeply In 4 count exhale.

This is good to create calm and peaceful state. If done before meditation helps to stay in presence, and also supports containment of energy for a client who may be dumping their energy out.

Individual Sessions are Available

In his Journey with the breath, Briksha draws from a variety of yogic breathing modalities, including Holotropic Breathwork, Clarity Breathwork and Anapanasati. He has been teaching and leading breathing sessions and meditation classes for 7 years in the San Francsico Bay area. Please see our Individual Breathwork Sessions page for more details! Or, use our Contact page to send Briksha a message.